Wednesday, 19 February 2014


As a referee I've come across many awkward skating situations dodging skaters and refs alike. In my personal opinion (and one that doesn't like doing things I enjoy in half measures) referee's level of skating ability needs to be AS good as any bouting skaters PLUS skills specific to the refereeing role.

These areas may include (But aren't limited to):

- Jumping
- FAST get ups, may include rolling.
- Stopping and turning: while facing track/pack in whichever role (Inside/outside)
- Ducking
- Finding gaps to get through.
- Speed skating (OPR's should know what I'm talking about)
- Peripheral vision development
- Taking hits/knocks and maintaining skating.
- Being able to control yourself and other while skating past.

As such I put a little video together to help referee's and skaters alike to us all jump 'better', higher, further and with more confidence, to be good skaters, avoiding injuries and allowing us to perform at our best.

Hope it helps, I hope to cover more areas soon, so subscribe, share and favourite if you fancy.

The GingerDread Man

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